Curriculum Vitae


Born: Montreal, Canada, Living and working in Berlin and Seoul since 1999

Short Biography

Dr. phil. Baruch Gottlieb, trained as a filmmaker at Concordia University Montreal, has a doctorate in digital aesthetics from the University of Arts Berlin. From 2005-2008 he was professor of Media Art at Yonsei University Graduate School for Communication and Arts in Seoul, Korea. He is active member of the Telekommunisten, Arts & Economic Group and laboratoire de déberlinisation artist collectives. Author of "Gratitude for Technology" (ATROPOS 2009), "A Political Economy of the Smallest Things" (ATROPOS 2016), and Digital Materialism (Emerald 2018) he currently lectures in philosophy of digital art at the University of Arts Berlin,.

He is curator of the touring exhibition series "Flusser & the Arts" based on the philosophical writings of Vilém Flusser, which has been presented at ZKM, Karlsruhe, AdK Berlin, West den Haag and GAMU Prague and "FEEDBACK: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts" which has been presented at West den Haag and 34th Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig, and is  travelling to Berlin, Paris, and Toronto. He writes extensively on digital media, digital archiving, generative and interactive processes, digital media for public space and on social and political aspects of networked media. He is currently lecturer in digital aesthetics at UdK Berlin and Technical University Cottbus and artistic researcher at West Den Haag.


B.F.A. Cinema (production) Concordia University, Montreal 1990
M.A Communication & Media (Media Art) with distinction, European Graduate School 2008
Dr. phil. Philosophy of Communication (Digital Art) University of Arts Berlin (2014)

Member of Telekommunisten (since 2009)
Member of Laboratoire Deberlinisation (since 2000)
Member of Arts & Economics Group (since 2013)
Head of Cultural Programming, ThoughtWorks Werkstatt Berlin (2014-15)
Head Curator, Vilém Flusser and the Arts (traveling exhibition: ZKM, AdK Berlin, West den Haag, GAMU Prague) (since 2013)
Head Curator: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts
Initiator/Director (with Dr. Yuk Hui) Berliner Materialismus, quarterly symposium on aesthetics and philosophy
Initiator/Director (with Dmytri Kleiner) PARAGORA quarterly symposium on political aesthetics and interdisciplinarity
Initiator, animator (with Dmytri Kleiner) Networked Strategies Meeting, a weekly colloquium on distributed communication systems.

Languages: English (Mother Tongue), French (Professional), German (Professional), Korean (Conversational), Japanese (Conversational – lapsed), Mandarin Chinese (studied)

since 2009...
2009 Banff New Media Institute "Liminal Screens" Residency, Banff, Alberta
2009 Presentation/Lecture/Performance "AFRO à Paris" Université de Sorbonne/ ART&FLUX/ NYU
2009 "Change" exhibition with Mansour Ciss, Art Money, large prints, cloth prints, videos, Heart Gallery, Paris
2009 "Flatness Studies: Kristine" installations with video, digital prints, audio, Wohnlabor Gallery, Berlin
2009 "The Sweetest Organ" 3-channel generative sound installation, Chapel of Old St. Matthaeus Cemetery, Berlin
2009 Digital Sound Performance with Killian Jörg and Peter Klaenge, at Loophole, Berlin
2009 "Les Idéographes de L'espoire" two video works, with Mansour Ciss, at Peter Herrmann Gallery, Berlin
2009 "Gratitude for Technology", a book, 124 pages, Atropos Press. ISBN13: 9780981997278
2009 "Ta Don I Ya" Deberlinisation Installation, video, generative media, drawings, art money,INSA Art Space of the Arts Coucil of Korea, Seoul, Korea

2010 "Carte Globale" portable media objects, Laboratoire Deberlinisation @ transmediale 10, Berlin
2010 SFX Seoul 3rd Edition "Sound Specific" Sound Art Festival, founder and director
2010 "We shall survive in the Memory of Others", DVD of late Vilém Flusser interviews with subtitles in 7 languages, producer, co-production C3 Budapest, UdK, VFA
2010 "Dienst!." solo exhibiition, metal objects, drawings, generative media object, Wohnlabor, Berlin
2010 "iMine" mobile app/game for Android & iPhone @ LABoral, summerLAB, Gijon, Spain
2010 "Time Travel" permanent installation with kinetic and video elements, Taechang Industries, Pohang, Korea
2010 "iMine" mobile app/game @ mediateca expandida, global launch , LABoral, Gijón Spain
2010 Laboratoire Deberlinisation @ Royal Museum of Central Africa, Teveuren, Belgium
2010 Laboratoire Deberlinisation @ urbanscénos-labellevirtuelle, Paris, France
2010 Laboratoire Deberlinisation @ africavenir 10e anniversaire, Berlin
2010 Feierliche Deutsche Zahlungseinheiten @ Elbgenuss Kunstfestival, Gülstorf, Mecklenburg
2010-1 "iMine" mobile app/game installation @ Space Hamilton, Seoul Korea

2011 McLuminations : performative archives @transmediale 10, Canadian Embassy, Frankfurt Book Fair w/ Claudia Becker, Steffi Winkler, Derrick de Kerckhove, Richard Cavell, Adam Hyde
2011 Media Facade (long-term generative media installation): GT Tower, Sinnonhyeon Dong, Seoul
2011 Congo Confluence @ PIXELACHE, Helsinki, Finland
2011 Eyespeakers, 3-channel video installation w/Oralsyndicate @ Operational Performances, LEAP Berlin
2011 Laboratoire Deberlinisation @ Mal au Pixel, Paris, France
2011 "Auto-disclosure" installation @Eurozentrika, LEAP Berlin
2011 I-mine installation @ ISEA Istanbul, Panel: On the Persistence of Hardware
2011 Laboratoire Deberlinisation @ 'Global Art and the Museum' ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
2011 ST6M at Re:source Conference UdK, Berlin

2012 "R15N" with Telekommunisten @ transmediale12 curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli
2012 ST6M labour mapping project @ transmediale12 curated by Soren Pold
2012 "Canine Pyromania", curated video program @ Ghosts off the Shelf, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin/CTM
2012 "Gigas/Giant Clam" interactive media sculpture commissioned for EXPO2012, Yeosu Korea
2012 "Seasons" generative media work commissioned for the Gwangyang public media project
2012 "Biographical Chronicle of Industrial Production" performed at the 2nd Month of Performance Art Berlin
2012 "Persistence of Hardware" performative lecture at Critical Art Space @documenta13 Kassel Germany
2012 "ST6M" digital storytelling and data visualization project presentation and workshop at DMI (Digital Methods Institute) University of Amsterdam, Goldsmiths College, SciencePo Paris
2012 "iMine" art-app & "ST6M" digital storytelling and data visualization project: installation, presentation, panel and workshops @AMAZE festival, Johannesburg, South Africa
2012 "R15N" telecommunications critique installation with Dmytri Kleiner @Malaupixel Festival, Paris, France.
2012 book sprint "on New Aesthetics" with Michael Dieter, Lioudmila Voropai, David Berry, transmediale projects

2013 "OCTO" telecommunications critique installation with Dmytri Kleiner, Jeff Mann et al @transmediale festival, Berlin
2013 "Interact" Networked artwork @BMW Foundation "World Young Leader's Forum" Beijing
2013 "Miscommunication Station" telecommunications critique installation with Dmytri Kleiner, Jeff Mann et al @IMAL Festival, Brussels and AND Festival Liverpool
2013 FlusserTalk #1 performative video discussion @TZB (Czech Centre Berlin)
2013 "Encounters" Public Art for Gwangan Bridge, Pusan, Korea

2014 "Numbers Station" @transmediale2014
2014 McLuminations 14:1 performative video discussion series with Jamie Allen and David Gauthier @Canadian Embassy Berlin
2014 FlusserTalk #2 performative video discussion series with Michael Bielicki @TZB (Czech Centre Berlin)
2014 "Berliner Materialismus" quarterly philosophical symposium on aesthetics @UdK Berlin
2014 "Conflict in the Electronics Supply Chain" 1-semester project with students at the HTW-Berlin
2014 "Convenients" music CD with The New Dialect (Patrick Hamilton)
2014 "Numbers Station" @Rauma Biennale, Rauma, Finland, curated by Janne Koski
2014 "OCTO-APPS" autonomous pneumatic communication system @New Babylon, Athens curated by Daphne Dragona
2014 "AFRO" art bills collected by the Davis Museum, Barcelona, curated by Rose-Marie Barrientos

2015 "Deadswap 2.0" Offline sharing system game @ transmediale curated by Daphne Dragina
2015 "On the Statutus of Technical Images" Panel presentation and paper at Variable Worlds Symposium
2015 "PARAGORA" 6-day quarterly symposium on political aesthetics @ Werkstatt Berlin
2015 "Athopomorphie der elektronischen Welt" seminar in der Kollisionswoche UdK Berlin
2015 "Digital Materiality" semester seminar UdK Berlin
2015 "OCTO P7C-ES" installation + labour theater @SKUC Gallery Ljubljana Slovenia, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and Janez Jansa
2015 "OCTO P7C-ES" installation + labour theater @Rijeka Museum of Art, Croatia, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and Janez Jansa
2015 "Political Economy of Communications Networks" Keynote presentation @ Critical Alternatives Decennial 2015, Aarhus University, Aarhus
2015 "Venture Communism" panel presentation @ MoneyLab#2 Institute of Network Cultures Amsterdam
2015 Marshall McLuhan "Seance", performance @ Werkleitz Festival MoveON, Halle
2015 "Emulating the Flusser Hypertext" presentation @ Preservation and Access to Born-Digital Culture, international symposium, iMAL, Brussels
2015 "BODENOS-Vilém Flusser & the Arts" curator for the exhibition, in ZKM Karlsruhe in August ans Akademie der Künste in Berlin in November, also organizer of associated symposia and other events.

2016 "WhiteSaveMe" installation with online elements @transmediale
2016 McLuminations 16.0 with Andrew Clement and Steffi Winkler, Marshall McLuhan Salon, Embassy of Canada, Berlin
2016 "BODENLOS-Vilém Flusser and the Arts" curator of the exhibition, and convenor, moderator of the symposium, West den Haag, the Hague, NL.
2016 McLuminations 16.1 with Steffi Winkler, Marshall McLuhan Salon, Embassy of Canada, Berlin
2016 "Concatenated Oikoi" presentation Ecologies of Excess conference Leuphana University, Lüneburg
2016 "Transvestment and Exvestment" presentation Peer Value Conference Amsterdam City Hall, Amsterdam
2016 "Comprehending Countervailing Externalities" , Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz  Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Institut Experimentelle Design- und Medienkulturen
2016 "UBI is a neoliberal plot to make you poorer" (panel pres.) MoneyLab3, INC, Amsterdam
2016 "Prevailing over Money" (workshop) MoneyLab3, INC, Amsterdam
2016 "Digital Rentierism and Audience Territory" The Political Economy of Platformisation International Colloquium at the School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester.

2017 "Telekommunist International" transmediale 17, Berlin
2017 "Vilém Flusser a Umeni" curated exhibition, GAMU, Prague CZ
2017 "the Revolution Revisited" durational performance : Zürich, Berlin, Sassnitz, Malmø, Stockholm, Helsinki, Petrograd, including symposia in Berlin and St. Petersburg
2017 "CorbynFace" insurgent viral game, Games for the Many, London
2017 "FEEDBACK: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts" exhibition/symposium project, West den Haag, the Hague
2017 "FEEDBACK#2: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts" exhibition/symposium project, 34C3 Leipzig

2018 "FEEDBACK#2: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts" exhibition/symposium project, Humboldt Unoversity, EIGEN+ART Lab, Embassy of Canada Berlin, transmediale (HKW)
2018 "the Revolution Revisited, 2nd edition" performances, workshops and presentations, Rosa's House of Culture, St. Petersburg, Central City Library of Moscow NA Nekrasov, Moscow , Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow
2018 "Structural Challenges to Technological Emancipation" refrag Fesitval, Paris
2018 "Cybernetic Advertising Academy" concept and direction of 1-week Summer School (with Shailoh Philips) at West Den Haag, The Hague
2018 "Critical Methods" day workshop with Shailoh Phillips, Techfestival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 "FEEDBACK#3: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts" exhibition/symposium project, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
2018 "Technological Unemployment is a Myth Under Capitalism" Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Berlin Germany
2018 "Terror in the Global Village" online algorithmic art, with DISNOVATION, META MARATHON, NRW Düsseldorf
2018 "ONLINE CULTURE WARS"big data mapping art, with DISNOVATION, MU Festival, Eindhoven
2018 "Structural Challenges to Technological Emancipation" Go and Stop the Progress, Chto Delat School of Engaged Art Summer School, Berlin
2018 "Marshall McLuhan and the Arts exhibition/symposium project" presentation at Many McLuhans conference, University of Toronto, Toronto


Recent Teaching

2018 "Technical Environments" semester seminar Technical University Cottbus
2018 "Rapid Response Opera" semester seminar UdK Berlin
2018 "Specul-active (data) Modeling semester seminar Technical University Cottbus
2018 "Cyber-aesthetic Methods" block semester seminar UdK Berlin
2017 "Exquisite Complexity" semester seminar UdK Berlin
2017 "Digital Materiality" block seminar UdK Berlin
2017 "Resistence, Subsistence, Insistence" block seminar UdK Berlin
2016 "Data Knowledge Narrative" semester seminar UdK Berlin
2016 "Digital Materiality" semester seminar UdK Berlin
2016 "Freedom of Photography: Vilém Flusser and the Migrant Experience" Block Seminar UdK Berlin
2015 "Digital Materiality" semester seminar UdK Berlin
2015 "Anthropomorphie der elektronisken Welt" Block Semester UdK Berlin
2014 "Vilém Flusser and the Arts" Summer and Winter Semester UdK Berlin


Gottlieb, Baruch, author and ed. Sound + Art, 192 Pages, Misulmunwha Publishing, Seoul, 2008 ISBN: 9788991847484

Gottlieb, Baruch, Gratitude for Technology, 123 pages, Atropos Books, New York, 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0981997278 (one chapter translated into Spanish in: Perales, Verónica, e.d Creación y discursos hipermedia Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Murcia. Murcia (España) 2011: SBN: 1889-979X.

Gottlieb, Baruch, A Political Economy of the Smallest Things, 432 pages, Atropos Books, New York, (2016)

Gottlieb, Baruch, Fundamentals of Digital Materialiy, 216 pages, Emerald Books, London, 2018

Other Articles:

Gottlieb, Baruch "Soviet or Internet" Furtherfield, October 2016

Baruch Gottlieb and Dmytri Kleiner. OCTO or how the net was won. Interactions 23, 2 (February 2016), 33-35. DOI=

Baruch Gottlieb "From Abstraction to Concretion" Flusser Studies 20 (December 2015)

Berry, D. M., Dieter, M., Gottlieb, B., and Voropai, L. (2013) Imaginary Museums, Computationality & the New Aesthetic, BWPWAP, Berlin: Transmediale.

Gottlieb, Baruch "ST6M: a comprehensive smart phone labour model" in World of the News Journal, Digital aesthetics research centre & centre for Digital Urban living, aarhus University & transmediale/resource for transmedial culture & Digital aesthetics research centre.iSBN 87-91810-20-5 ean 9788791810206, 2012

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Gottlieb, Baruch "the Vital Signs of Processual Art", in "El Proceso como Paradigma" Telefonica Foundation 2009

other publications

Gottlieb, Baruch, producer, editor of 6 languages translations, director of subtitling "Vilém Flusser: We Shall Survive in the Memory of Others" DVD & booklet Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln
2010 ISBN 978-3-86560-806-2