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090709 : Welcome to my webpresences.


vociferous.org is the name of my original website, mostly active from 2001-2005, but with some periodic updates and reorganizations since then. It represents a web echo of my realworld activities. It is 100s of pages deep with documentation of realized and unrealized project, web-only works and other flotsam. I am currently trying to work out how to get vociferous.org back out on its own again... in the mean time it is fused together with g4t.info.


g4t.info will be the domain for all work and associated materials relating to, and revolving around my upcoming book "Gratitude for Technology", as well as the video-database work "A PEST" "A Political Economy of the Smallest Things" the first installments of which should be out in in August.


cover of the book Gratitude for Technology


If you want to contact me please write gottlieb.studio (art) gmail [pointcom]